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Hand Crafted to Perfection

Every product we make at Gaudy Labs is carefully crafted with hand selected ingredients. As a family owned business that is using their own products, we take the commitment to quality very seriously. We understand the importance of carefully choosing each ingredient, as products are digested 

THC Free
U.S.A Made
Solvent Free

A Commitment to Quality

Our ambition is to provide our customers with 100% THC-free CBD products. Cultivated from the purest, highest-quality ingredients. At Gaudy Labs, we have chosen to focus our efforts on providing our customers with some of the best broad-spectrum products in the market. Infused with completely hand picked ingredients, there are no artificial preservatives added to our products.

Verified Potency
Solvent Free
Rich CBD Profile
Organic & Cruelty Free
Broad Spectrum
Organic Arnica Oil

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a Commitment to the best

All Gaudy products are tested for purity to ensure the highest quality and potency. Our products are solvent free, and free of any processes that have the potential to degrade the plant’s natural properties.

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