We will have you sleeping better than a baby! When you’ve slept well, you feel good. That’s because our immune system only works while we sleep! It’s no wonder we feel terrible when we haven’t slept. Our infusion process has allowed us to combine pure CBD with pure melatonin, resulting in the perfect potion that’ll give you the rest you not only need but deserve. The purest melatonin available is mixed with our 1000 mg CBD oil tincture, no counting sheep, rocking you right to sleep.

Get the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a while. Our 1000 mg CBD Oil + Melatonin contains the benefits of the whole plant, minus the THC. Infused in natural MCT Oil, with no added artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavorings. Enjoy all of the whole plant benefits that hemp has to offer, without the risk of incorporating THC.



Alleviate stress, increase overall health and wellness, & keep the good vibes rolling.

We supplement our Gaudy Labs CBD Oil tincture with hand-selected whole-plant hemp. During the extraction process, THC is selectively removed from all the CBD Oil. Enjoy naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp, minus the THC. Our organic MCT oil allows your body to easily absorb and metabolize CBD.

  • 1000 mg of CBD + Active Cannabinoids per 1 oz / 30 mL bottle
  • 3 mg of pure Melatonin per 1 oz / 30 mL bottle
  • Approximately 16mg broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract per 1 mL serving
  • Infused with organic MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride oil extracted from coconut)
  • Contains no THC per bottle
  • Store in a cool dry dark place
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not use this product if pregnant
  • Consult a doctor before using this product


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